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Originally Appeared: The Buffalo News on September 7, 2021

As Gov. Kathy Hochul settles into the most powerful seat in New York, she has vowed to do the one thing her recent gubernatorial predecessors have often failed to do: collaborate. This spoken commitment to partnerships draws hope for progress in an area in which collaboration is crucial – modernizing our painfully outdated technology infrastructure.

Throughout his 10-year term, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo focused very little energy into developing the digital underpinnings of New York. The status quo, largely unaltered since Y2K, did very little to spur widespread innovation or encourage technology companies to enter the marketplace. In many cases, it even discouraged growth that would have benefited millions of New Yorkers.

However, technologies ignored by the former governor for much of his tenure have proved essential for streamlining our everyday lives over the past year and a half…

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