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The internet sector an American success story that’s creating jobs in every sector of the economy. IA’s 2019 update to its Measuring The U.S. Internet Sector report reveals that the internet industry is now a top four industry, with unparalleled growth over the last decade.

The Internet Sector In 2018

6M Direct Jobs Created

That’s the equivalent of 4% of total employment.

13M Indirect jobs supported

That means every internet sector job supports 2 indirect jobs.

Added to the GDP

That makes the internet sector the fourth largest U.S. industry, representing 10.1% of total output.

Invested into the economy

IA members alone invested more than $40 billion.

One of the biggest economic challenges facing our nation today is the need for qualified, highly-skilled professionals, domestic and foreign, who can immediately contribute to our economy and create jobs. While the internet industry continues to invest in STEM education to develop a pipeline of young Americans who are ready to fill critical engineering roles and establish the businesses of tomorrow, there are far more STEM positions available than there are qualified Americans who have the requisite skills to fill them. The internet industry is committed to investing in our country’s competitiveness by providing high-skilled foreign workers as well as those trained in the U.S. the opportunity to stay here and help our economy grow.

Internet companies also understand their platforms and services would not thrive without the perspective of the diverse employees and users who share their experiences and help shape policies. IA members work to improve the representation of populations that have been historically underrepresented in the internet industry, and continue to promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business.