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ICYMI- Statement in Response to the Trade Promotion Authority Introduction

Statement in Response to the Trade Promotion Authority Introduction
Posted: 01/14/2014 05:58

The Internet Association appreciates Chairman Baucus and Ranking Member Hatch’s recognition that the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014 must address key trade issues in the marketplace. The Internet drives global trade and commerce and enables U.S. businesses of all kinds, from multinational corporations to small businesses, to reach global markets, ultimately providing significant economic and societal benefits for consumers. By recognizing the growing significance of the Internet as a platform for international commerce, this bill takes a step toward modernizing U.S. trade policy.

The Trade Promotion Authority legislation needs to go further, however, to truly be a modern template that accounts for the central role the Internet plays in the global economy. Specifically, the legislation should clarify that the U.S. will promote the limitations and exceptions that exist under U.S. law and on which every Internet company relies. And, the TPA should promote the protections under U.S. law that exist for online intermediaries, which have been key to the development of a user-focused Internet. We look forward to working with Congress to strengthen existing language to ensure that U.S. trade policy promotes the Internet economy.