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In His First-Ever Google Hangout, Senator Schumer Leads Online Panel on Critical Patent Reform Solutions to Combat Patent Trolls

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, New York’s senior Senator Charles Schumer and The Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman led a Google+ Hangout to highlight the need for reform harmful impact of patent trolls on the innovation economy and discussed the solutions federal reforms would provide. Senator Schumer discussed the reckless harm patent trolls are causing to New York businesses including AOL, Inc.,, Foursquare, and Union Square Ventures. Participants discussed how innovative Internet technologies have grown the economy and created jobs in New York communities and how the extortionist behaviors of patent trolls threaten their businesses.

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“As the Senate gets even closer this week to considering patent reform legislation, hearing stories from companies like Union Square Ventures, Etsy, AOL, Foursquare and others about the real economic toll patent trolls are taking becomes even more important,” said Senator Schumer. “When it comes to making sure American businesses – especially small businesses – can thrive and grow, patent reform is one of the most important things we in Congress can do. It’s why I was one of the first out of the gate on the issue, and why I won’t let up until we pass strong, effective reforms that will eradicate the scourge of patent trolls plaguing startups and other US innovators.”

“The time to act is now,” said Michael Beckerman. “The Internet Association applauds Senator Schumer’s leadership and hopes that the Senate will follow his lead to deter the abusive litigation practices of patent trolls wielding low-quality patents. At a time when patent trolls are taking $80 billion out of the economy each year and threatening businesses across the country, Congress must pass strong bipartisan reforms to combat patent trolls and promote innovation and economic growth.”

Jeff Roberts, the Law & Policy Reporter at Gigaom moderated the livestream discussion.

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