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Statement on President Obama’s Net Neutrality and Patent Reform Remarks

Washington, D.C. – The Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issues the following statement on President Obama’s net neutrality and patent reform remarks:

“President Obama made clear tonight that a functioning Internet industry is essential for continued innovation and economic growth in the U.S. Enforceable net neutrality rules and meaningful patent reform will allow businesses to innovate and grow free of artificial hinderances like slow lanes and patent trolls.

“The FCC should side with the vast Internet user community in creating enforceable net neutrality rules for both mobile and home broadband that serve to protect innovation online. The Internet should remain a place where users can access the content they desire at the speeds they pay for. Segregation of the Internet into fast lanes and slow lanes will distort the market, discourage innovation and harm Internet users.

“The Internet industry applauds the President for speaking out in support of patent reform. Patent trolls abuse the legal system as a weapon against innovation. They suck $80 billion out of the economy each year, and target thousands of businesses — large and small — with frivolous lawsuits in hope of profiting from settlements.”