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Statement on FCC Inquiries Into ISP Practices

Washington, DC – Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on the FCC’s inquiries into ISP practices, including T-Mobile’s video throttling and Binge On programs:

“T-Mobile’s new ‘streaming optimization’ program appears to involve throttling of all video traffic, across all data plans, regardless of network congestion. The Internet Association applauds the FCC for seeking information on this practice and its potential harm on consumers and online applications and services.

“The throttling practice was adopted alongside its Binge On program, which offers consumers and video services the option of removing data charges (‘zero-rating’) for video services. Reducing data charges for entire classes of applications can be legitimate and benefit consumers, so long as clear notice and choice is provided to service providers and consumers. However, a reasonably designed zero-rating program does not include the throttling of traffic for services or consumers that do not participate.

“We encourage the FCC to keep examining the details of these practices by Internet access providers.”