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Statement On FCC Net Neutrality NPRM Vote

Washington, DC – Today, Internet Association President & CEO Michael Beckerman issued the following statement on the FCC’s vote to begin a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) process to reverse the 2015 Open Internet Order.

“The 2015 rules are working, and the internet industry remains opposed to any changes to FCC regulations governing net neutrality. ISPs should not be able to use their position as gatekeepers to prioritize their own content over others. Internet companies stand with consumers, startups, and other beneficiaries of the ecosystem in our fight to maintain a free and open internet.”

Internet Association recently released new economic research that shows the 2015 Open Internet Order did not reduce investment. From the research:

ISP investment is up over time, and shows no decline as a result of Title II reclassification in 2015. By multiple, independent metrics, ISP claims of depressed investment don’t mesh with reality. From actual capital expenditure numbers, to patents, to prices, Title II has not had the effects that ISPs claim.

To see the research findings, click here.