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Internet Association Signs Pledge To America’s Workers

Washington, DC – Internet Association today will sign the Pledge to America’s Workers at a White House event, and commit to providing over 100,000 opportunities for on-the-job training, continuing education, and work-based learning programs over a 5-year period. This is part of a continued industry-wide effort to develop an American workforce that is prepared for the 21st century.

“Improving workforce training and development has been a long standing priority for the internet industry, and we will continue to strengthen the skills of American workers,” said IA President and CEO Michael Beckerman. “We applaud the White House for prioritizing and bringing attention to the importance of helping more Americans thrive in today’s workforce.”

Internet companies, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Twitter, and others, provide opportunities to students, entrepreneurs, and workers looking to advance their careers in the internet-enabled workforce. The companies also deploy tools and resources for people and businesses who compete in today’s digital economy.

“The internet accounts for 6 percent of GDP and 3 million American jobs and brings countless benefits to our daily lives. It’s important that Americans of all backgrounds have the opportunity to participate directly in the internet economy,” said Beckerman. “Through their many programs, Internet Association members invest in initiatives that increase computer science education and help people develop the skills they need to partake in the fastest growing sector of our economy. This commitment is seen in internet companies of all sizes, as learning, education and career advancement are at the cultural heart of internet companies large and small.”

The internet industry has focused on building the pipeline of young people who can participate in the internet ecosystem. IA and its member companies in 2017 announced a 5-year, private sector commitment of more than $300 million dedicated to K-12 computer science programs. IA also supports STEM education programs at After-School All-Stars, which provides free after-school programs to more than 73,000 low-income and at-risk students in 19 U.S. markets. The goal of these commitments is to expand the computer science education pipeline and close the skills gap for computing jobs in today’s digital economy. Today’s pledge further expands these opportunities to American workers already participating in the workforce.