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Internet Association Calls On Americans To Save Net Neutrality

Washington, DC – Internet Association is urging Americans to contact their senators today to support the Congressional Review Act (CRA) or another bipartisan legislative solution that will restore strong, enforceable net neutrality protections. IA also relaunched its Net Neutrality Day of Action website (, aimed at educating Americans on the importance of a free and open internet.

“Access to the entire internet is essential to the daily lives of many Americans,” said IA President and CEO Michael Beckerman. “Consumers demand strong, enforceable net neutrality rules that protect Americans’ ability to choose what websites and apps they can access and use. It is essential that rules be reinstated through any means necessary, including the CRA, courts, or bipartisan legislation.”

Internet Association’s position aligns with a bipartisan majority of Americans who support strong, enforceable net neutrality principles like a ban on blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. Net neutrality is necessary in a world where half of all Americans – and 87 percent of rural Americans – have no choice for high speed broadband. Without broadband choice, ISPs can play gatekeeper to the internet and privilege their preferred content over the rest of the web.

The website,, features a seamless portal for visitors to contact their senators through email and social media and includes a series of graphics that explain what net neutrality is and how it impacts consumers. The launch of coincides with a takeover of IA’s homepage encouraging visitors to take action in support of net neutrality.

“Net neutrality is the foundation of a free and open internet, and it’s on all of us to take action and save net neutrality,” added Beckerman.

To view IA’s Day of Action website, click here.