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Internet Industry Comments On The California Attorney General’s CCPA Proposed Regulations

Washington, DC – Internet Association (IA) submitted comments to the California Attorney General’s Office (AGO) on the proposed regulations for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The comments highlight the internet industry’s concerns with the AGO’s proposed regulations, which place confusing and unnecessary burdens on businesses without adding meaningful privacy protections for consumers. 

“CCPA is the law of the land in California and our members are focused on implementation and compliance, but these regulations create more burden for businesses with no additional benefit for consumers,” said IA Director of California Government Affairs Kevin McKinley. “The AG expanded the CCPA in a way that was not intended by the Legislature, and we believe that needs to be reconciled by amending the proposed regulations.”

Key Takeaways From IA’s Comments

  • “The Proposed Regulations require significant new actions that go beyond the Legislature’s original intent for CCPA.”
  • “The Proposed Regulations represent a leap backwards with new disclosure and notice requirements that don’t provide consumers strong protections or controls and harm businesses.”
  • “The AG should not at this late date introduce new requirements that will be finalized after CCPA has already become operative on January 1, 2020. There is even the potential that the CCPA regulations will not be finalized much before the date on which enforcement must begin, July 1, 2020.” 

“The internet industry is one of the most consumer-centric industries in the world, and our members lead the way in giving people meaningful control and the ability to access, correct, delete, and download data they’ve provided to companies,” concluded McKinley.  

IA’s comments urge the AGO to use the remaining time available to amend the regulations in a manner that is consistent with the CCPA’s provisions and that facilitates implementation and compliance with its terms. 

To view IA’s comments, click here.