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Statement On The Introduction Of The “Defund Executive Orders That Suppress Free Speech Act”

Washington, DC – Internet Association Interim President & CEO Jon Berroya released the following statement on the introduction of the “Defund Executive Orders that Suppress Free Speech Act” by Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA) in the House of Representatives:

“Section 230 benefits everyone who uses online services by empowering internet companies to remove the harmful, dangerous, and offensive content that users post on their platforms, without facing legal reprisal for those decisions. The law is fundamental to the operation of the internet as we know it. The Executive Order risks undermining the careful balance Congress struck in Section 230 and the important content moderation efforts IA members engage in every day for the benefit of their users.

“We commend Rep. Torres for her leadership in standing up for this important law that enables the best of the internet.”