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IA Releases New Video On Net Neutrality & ISP Investment

Washington, DC –Internet Association today released a new video highlighting remarks that internet service providers (ISPs) have made to the FCC and their shareholders regarding broadband investment since 2015.

Infrastructure investment is front and center in the net neutrality debate because ISPs claim network investment is depressed because of the 2015 Open Internet Order. Internet Association research shows investment increasing during this time.

“The entire internet economy benefits when ISPs invest in their networks. We’re as excited about new investment in broadband infrastructure as telecom executives,” said Michael Beckerman, Internet Association President & CEO Michael.

“Broadband investment enables a virtuous circle of innovation for the whole internet ecosystem. Innovative websites and apps fuel consumer demand for the internet, which in turn fosters further network investment, which then fosters further innovation by websites and apps. We are all in this together to deliver the highest quality and choice to consumers while simultaneously growing our economy. Strong, enforceable net neutrality rules allow this virtuous circle of growth to continue. We remain open to working with all stakeholders to protect the free and open internet,” concluded Beckerman

Watch the full video by clicking here.

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