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IA member companies are responsible stewards of people’s personal communications and documents, and they support policies that protect the privacy of information stored online. Digital communications and documents stored in the cloud deserve the same constitutional privacy protections as letters in the mailbox or files in your desk drawer. IA believes electronic data protection laws should be updated to require law enforcement to obtain a warrant before accessing an individual’s most sensitive digital information.

Internet companies protect information from invalid or overly broad information requests issued by governmental entities in the U.S. and abroad. Companies work with lawmakers and organizations to prevent inappropriate government access to – or surveillance of – individuals’ personal information.

IA member companies take many steps to ensure people’s personal communications and information is protected, including:

  • Publishing transparency reports detailing government requests for information.
  • Standing with the Reform Government Surveillance coalition (RGS) to address and reform laws and practices regulating government surveillance.
  • Partnering with the Digital Due Process coalition to update surveillance laws in the age of the internet, including supporting the Email Privacy Act.
  • Supporting the USA Freedom Act of 2015 to prohibit bulk collection of internet data and improve oversight and accountability of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.
  • Supporting California’s Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA) to implement warrant protections for digitally stored information.

Ending bulk data collection and increasing transparency of government practices are important steps towards the preservation of a free and open internet. Internet companies support reforms that increase government accountability while maintaining national security.

IA Member Efforts To To Ensure Consistent Due Process For Online And Offline Users

IA member companies comply with legally valid demands seeking the disclosure of information to government entities, while objecting to requests that are overly broad, invalid, or are otherwise inappropriate. IA member companies are dedicated to working hand in hand with lawmakers to modernizing policies and practices to prevent government abuse of investigative authority. IA members:

  • Require a signed document such as a subpoena, warrant, or the equivalent before disclosing requested information.
  • Reject invalid government requests for information.
  • Work with law enforcement to narrow the scope of overly broad requests.
  • Comply with Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), which governs whether/how a government agency can use the legal system in order to compel companies to disclose user information.
  • Collaborate with law enforcement to respond in a timely manner when information has been requested in cases involving the imminent risk of serious injury or death.

IA member companies continue to comply with U.S. laws while prioritizing the safety and privacy of individuals.