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It is essential in today’s economy for all Americans to have reliable access to high-speed internet. Internet Association member companies firmly believe that access to robust broadband internet is necessary in order to obtain the best products and services. IA’s members are dedicated to innovating, working with policymakers, and partnering with organizations to better equip all Americans with broadband internet connection in the virtuous circle of the internet ecosystem.

Broadband connection allows users to access the internet through cable, satellite, fiber, or other means. Unfortunately, millions lack an affordable or reliable broadband connection. Everyone deserves access to the educational resources and economic opportunities for business growth and success available online. IA member companies will continue to address the lack of internet access in the country by innovating and devoting resources directly to increasing broadband connection.

Internet companies strongly believe that all Americans deserve access to broadband internet and designate resources to initiatives to achieve this goal. IA members:

  • Submit comments to the FCC to support pro-consumer policies to bring faster and better broadband services to all Americans.
  • Donate billions of dollars to bring the internet to rural areas of America through increased broadband infrastructure.
  • Experiment with free wifi stations to provide reliable internet access in various locations.