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Net Neutrality

Since its inception, the internet has been governed by principles of openness and non-discrimination. Net neutrality is the legal principle that underpins the free and open internet as we know it today. Simply put, it means that broadband gatekeepers – internet service providers (ISPs) – should treat all internet traffic equally and not discriminate between different bits of data. At it’s best, the internet is a place where y users can go to any website and access any type of content whenever they want. IA member companies are dedicated to preserving the openness of the internet with equal access to all platforms. IA strongly advocated for the FCC Open Internet Order, which provided robust rules to protect net neutrality and stated that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must treat all internet traffic equally. The FCC repealed these rules in 2017, giving ISPs the ability to dictate the websites or platforms consumers access, possibly changing the online experience significantly. IA filed an intervenor brief and reply brief during the case.

ISPs should treat all internet traffic the same and refrain from engaging in discriminatory behavior against any one service or type of service. IA member companies stand with a bipartisan majority of Americans who support strong, enforceable net neutrality principles such as bans on blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. The internet is critical to our economy and the future of American innovation. IA member companies will continue to fight for a free and open internet.

Fighting For A Free And Open Internet

IA member companies continue to fight for strong legislation or agency action that protects net neutrality and ability to access the internet without ISPs dictating the experience. Americans deserve the ability to access a free and open internet to connect, create, and innovate. Member companies:

  • Filed an intervenor brief and a reply brief in Mozilla Corporation v. FCC as part of the broad effort to restore the net neutrality rules that the FCC repealed in 2017.
  • Participated in the Net Neutrality Day of Action to bring the issue of net neutrality to consumers’ attention through website banners and trending topics.
  • Urged Congress to pass bipartisan and bicameral net neutrality legislation reflective of IA’s net neutrality principles.
  • Encourage Americans to contact their elected officials in support of strong bipartisan legislation to maintain net neutrality.
  • Routinely host policymakers for roundtable discussions surrounding the importance of net neutrality.