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Internet Association members enable individuals to enjoy more content than ever before. Streaming services and social media platforms connect listeners and viewers with new content and strengthen relationships with their favorite creators.

Did You Know?

Music and social media are natural partners, bringing people and content together. Studies have confirmed that social media drives listener engagement in meaningful ways:1

  • Nine out of 10 social media users use online platforms for music-related activities.
  • Artists and bands are the most followed type of celebrity online, and two out of three social media users use online platforms to discover new artists.
  • Sixty percent of social media users listen to an artist’s music on streaming services after seeing a related post online.

Member Companies Connect Creators and Consumers

IA members continue to find innovative ways to provide individuals greater access to content and help creators learn how listeners and viewers engage with their creations, by:

  • Offering a variety of subscription models, including free and paid options, so that people can access content in convenient and affordable ways.
  • Providing creators detailed information about how fans enjoy their creations to help them tailor concert locations, song choices, and fan engagement.
  • Creating personalized playlists based on listening or viewing preferences, location, or relevant events.
  • Recommending music, movies, TV shows, and more based on individual interests and relevancy.