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Internet Association members employ inventors and innovators, and rely on patents to protect the value of their inventions. Internet companies are focused on ensuring that our patent system promotes high-quality patents and encourages innovation and investment in research and development. The internet industry works to limit low-quality patents, which stifle innovation by creating business uncertainty and opening the door to wasteful litigation.

IA members:

  • Hold hundreds of thousands of patents on some of the world’s most popular technologies.
  • Provide patent search resources encompassing over 87 million patents and patent applications from 17 patent offices including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Have established patent diversity projects to increase the number of U.S. patents issued to women and minority populations.
  • Partner with universities to provide tools and resources from the legal community for patent applications.
  • Founded industry-led organizations like the License on Transfer (LOT) Network to transfer patents launched by industry participants without the threat of patent trolls.